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Great tasting chocolates
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Gourmet Popcorn, Fresh Made Fudge, Chocolate, Candy, Gift Boxes & Tins, Fundraising & Wholesale!

Fresh Made Fudge, Candy, Chocolate & More

We offer a variety of specialty items such as fresh made fudge, chocolates, candies and sodas for you to choose from and take home to family, friends, parties, birthdays, weddings, gatherings or just because you deserve it.

 Our fresh made fudge is available in a variety of flavors all year round.

You can also call us to order/purchase specific flavors of your choosing for all of your events.

           We sell our fudge by the piece, 1/2 slab or full slab. 
   Buy 4 Pieces Get a 5th piece FREE everyday
And we have Free Fudge Friday! 
Buy 4 pieces and get 2 more FREE!

Fresh fudge in many flavors
Fresh fudge in many flavors

We also sell our fudge by the 1/4 slab, 1/2 slab and full slab for any occasion: Parties, Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Gifts, ect. 
Please call ahead to order these larger sizes and quantities or to order a specific flavor of fudge in a larger quantity. We offer many varieties of fudge, such as: Chocolate- with or without Pecans & Walnuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Orange Cream, Maple-with or without Pecans, Chewy Vanilla Praline, Sea Salt Turtle, Peanutty Snickets, Red Velvet, Sherbet, Cappuccino and so many more flavors. 

A delicate selection of truffles for any occasion.

Delicate Chocolate Truffles
An assortment of bulk chocolates and bulk candies to satisfy any sweet tooth.
A variety of bulk chocolates
A good selection of wonderful candies

An assortment of packaged Candy, Sodas, Nostalgic Chocolates & Candies and more . . .

Packaged candy to choose from
a variety of specialty sodas and regular sodas
Nostalgic candy to enjoy